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DN College Meerut

D.N. College, Meerut

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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, D.N. College, Meerut was established on July 8, 1958.
In the beginning, the then Principal of D.N. College Dr K.D. Agarwal started teaching the Economics classes and part time teachers were also invited from Meerut College. In 1961 Dr. S. Lal was appointed as a permanent teacher but he left after some time. Till 1966 it remained only as a degree department with ar optional alternative paper available to B.Sc. (PCM) group students. In 1966 P.G. Classes were started and Dr. H.C. Verma was appointed as the Head of the Department Since then new lecturers were appointed from time to time. Dr. S.A. Rizvi, Dr. Virendra Singh, Dr. R.C. Agarwal, Dr. J.C. Pant, Dr. R.S. Gupta and Dr. N.K. Taneja heare appointed as permanent lecturers.
Till the session 2007 -08 there were four permanent teachers in this Department with Dr. J.C. Pant as Head and the others are Smt. Anupa Singh, Dr. Nidhi Sharma and Dr. Kavita Saxena.Howeuer Dr. Nidhi Sharma reigned in March 2008 Dr. J.C. Pant , head of the Department since 1992, retired in June 2008. there fase at present , there are ewo present teachers in the Department with Smt. Anupa Singh as Head of the Departmant and Dr. Kavita Saxena as Scnior Lectures.

Economics Department has a glorious past Since its beginning it has produced a good chain of bank officers,officers in defernce ,polui and pars military services , teachers, professors researchers.and managers. At College and University levels the students, of this department have a very perforned better in sports and other co-cursicular and extra cursicular activities like debates,N.S.S.,Rovers / Rangers , cultural activities etc.

Department At a Glance :

(1) Regular monthly tests are conducted to assess the performance of students. Group-discussions, seminaes, papers , presentation, quiz ,wisit to factory ites etc are a regular future of the department Cultural activities are also organized sometimes for P.G.Students.
(2)The Department is maintauning its over library,where original and standerd books are kept. Reputed Journals of economics are also mantained in the library.
(3) Two minor research projects have been sanctioned to the department teachers by UGC in 2004.
(4)The department applied for a two day seminar on `Change in Indias Foreign Trade in Post Refare Period " in November 2005. In March 2006, UGC. sanctioned an amount of Rs 80,000/ -for National Seminar which was held on Novembers 10 -10, 2006.
(5) Department was started as an optional paper in MA II since 2000. Till date 35 dissertations have been completed under the supervision of the Teacher of the department .
(6) Economics department has produced about 70 Ph.D's and save are going on Quality of research work is an important in research Supervision.
(7)Since 2004,Four reputed Journals are beeing subseribed They are Economice and Political Weekly (2)Southirn Economist (3)RBI Bulletin (4)The Indian Journal of labour Economices
(8)Attending National and International Seminars and Conference is a regular practice of the teachers of the department. Papers are also presented by them in almost all of the Seminars.
(9)Department teachers also pay attention to the publication work. Many research articles,papers and abstracts have been published in National and Regional level Journals and Books.